Preparing to Build

If Hitch Hiker is being built on a Linux system other than itself, the following software is expected to be present:

  • Binutils - version 2.25 or greater
  • Bison - version 2.7 or greater
  • a functional bzip2 and bunzip2 command
  • a functional diff command
  • a functional find command
  • Gcc - version 6.2 or greater
  • a functional grep command
  • a functional gzip and gunzip command
  • Linux kernel version 3.2 or greater
  • M4 - version 1.4.10 or greater
  • GNU make
  • a functional patch command
  • GNU sed is required to build the Linux kernel
  • a functional tar command
  • Texinfo - version 4.7 or greater
  • a functional xz and unxz command Change directory to /src and create your file by copying and editing it appropriately. The comments in the sample explain what each variable does.
cd /src

As a final step before building, it is neccessary to prepare the environment in which we are going to build Hitch Hiker. There is a script provided for this purpose which cleans up some environment variables and sets one MAKEFLAG in order to let make find our include files.

source scripts/