Posts tagged "Roadmap"

    Continued porting of BSD userland against remaining self-hosting

    At this juncture we're well over the halfway point in regards to providing a predominately BSD userland in HitchHiker, with over 90 console utilities ported against a total of 59 remaining programs brought in from GNU coreutils. That total includes...

    Improved porting with libbsd

    The libbsd project was begun originally by the developers of the Debian K-FreeBSD project as a means of addressing differences in the available functions, headers and c macros between BSD libc and GNU libc. I have imported the source...

    Restarting make, buildworld cleanup, default software

    One of the deficiencies in the HitchHiker build tree up to this point has been dealing with packages that require some manual intervention after the "make install" step. Originally there was no unified infrastructure to deal with this scenario. Very quickly...


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