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    Packaging for 2021q2

    I spent a good deal of the past couple weeks working on actually getting init up and running, preparing kernel configurations for multiple architectures, and learning about Das U-Boot in order to put up bootable images. Taking a little break from that the last few days, I am now once again working at building a set of packages using pkgsrc....

    Experimental clang/llvm based build with nightly rust

    Ok, so this little side track has been on a slow burn for a while now, but I've currently got a rootfs that I can chroot into with the following features:

    • Built almost entirely with llvm/clang (see caveats below)
    • Rust nightly compiler installed early in the build, accessible for all users

    Some More Home Cooking

    After removing GNU coreutils and taking closer stock of what we have as a "base system", I am mostly happy with the selection but now wish to spend some time making behaviors, documentation and source code itself more uniform. I have also done some work towards correcting a couple of omissions that are present due to the previous surgury. The commit that I pushed this morning has a few notable changes....

    Improved porting with libbsd

    The libbsd project was begun originally by the developers of the Debian K-FreeBSD project as a means of addressing differences in the available functions, headers and c macros between BSD libc and GNU libc. I have imported the source...


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