Posts tagged "Arm"

    Compiling for aarch64/riscv64 from qemu user mode chroot

    This is a novel approach that I've been experimenting with lately, to do some legwork towards supporting architectures for which I either don't have physical hardware or else the hardware is limited in capability so much as to make native compilation impractical....

    Imported source, pkgsrc on Arm woes, and make includes

    I think we'll start this post discussing some of the differences and misconceptions of same between BSD make and GNU make. In the case of BSD make we're primarily referring to NetBSD make, which is a greatly improved version of the historical Unix make...

    Patching pkgsrc, building rust and Arm headaches

    Having been working with pkgsrc for a couple weeks now there's a bit of a flow developing, and quite a bit of progress, with a big caveat. The issues I'm running into are that there are quite a few more build failures for Arm than there are for x86_64....


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